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Searching your computer for various files manually can be time consuming and exhausting, especially if you have a large collection of files. Dash Command is an app that can help you find everything you need with just a few clicks.
By typing a few letters you can launch programs, search for music files, send emails, zip folders and files, resize images, look for definitions and launch Internet searches.
Dash Command basically scans your installed software and your main Windows places (such as My Documents, My Computer, Control Panel etc.) in order to collect keywords, which you can later use to launch said software or to reach specific directories. For all the other folders, documents and websites you want Dash Command to be able to launch immediately, you must assign keywords.
If you want, you can fiddle with the scanning job setup. Here, you can choose the frequency with which to perform the scans, select a folder to search in, file types and words to exclude.
The app’s interface consists of a simple search bar, which you can easily customize by changing the skin to one of the many options provided by the software. Other settings that can be made regard the activation hotkey, which helps you pull up the app when it’s not present on your desktop. The app supports any key combination you want, including those that include the Windows, Control or Shift buttons.
Furthermore, you can adjust the drop-down list delay and enable small icons next to the search results. Also, you can have the app run at system startup.
So, this app makes it easy to search both your computer and the Internet. For example, if you type the word Google (although just a few letters from it are enough) the app should search your inquiry directly through the search engine. The result list is then opened with the help of your default browser.
All in all, Dash Command is an app that can make your life much easier. The overall ease of use and simplicity of the program is one of its major appeals.









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Why is this a hot software?

Total Commander is a file manager, it’s an all-in-one file manager with the most functional and attractive interface of any windows based file manager. Total Commander has been developed over 12 years by the same team and is an award-winning cross platform file manager that has all the features you need. With its help you will be able to organize and view your files and folders on a single screen in a single window. You can mount removable drives on your computer with its help, and in case you try to browse for a file and your drive is no longer mounted, an alert will be displayed telling you that you can mount it again. Total Commander can be downloaded for free and used as freeware.
Total Commander Features:
✓ Export file and folder lists to text files
✓ Import file and folder lists from text files
✓ Split file lists across multiple displays
✓ Select columns, tabs and sort files
✓ Preview multiple files at once
✓ Multiple selection
✓ Drag and drop
✓ Multiple columns
✓ Individual folder renaming
✓ Custom folder icons
✓ Multiple views
✓ Rapid Explorer mode
✓ Re-order files
✓ Copy, cut and paste
✓ Copy entire directory tree
✓ Configurable mouse buttons (right click)
✓ Windows file history
✓ Auto-thumbnailing
✓ Highlighting of changed files
✓ Open and create directories automatically
✓ List View of files
✓ Duplicate files
✓ Searching and filtering
✓ Auditing by file change events
✓ Removable drive mounting
✓ FTP, SSL and HTTP access
✓ Show hidden files
✓ Remote drive support
✓ Remote folder support
✓ Shell integration
✓ Pipes
✓ Options
✓ Small memory footprint
✓ Adaptive interface
✓ Clear buttons
✓ Resizable interface
✓ Detailed help
✓ Force fonts for viewing or editing filenames
✓ Message box with error feedback when you cannot edit or view files
✓ Automatically scrolls to the bottom of a file
✓ Specific order for file sorting
✓ Notifications for new email, files, attachments
✓ Built-in FTP Server
✓ Built-in file server (FTP protocol)
✓ Built-in HTTP Server

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Search your computer for various files, launch Internet search engines and more.
Configurable search window, including search result list color, status bar text and icons, search result list delay, skin, search bar text, website auto-load or search at startup, etc.
Easy to use, can be used in 3 different ways: First, type something to get a result list that opens up in your default browser. Second, click on a search result item and the program will open that item in your default browser. Third, click “Run” to open a search query directly.
Package Size:
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The free Google app works via the Internet, so you’ll need to have a working Wi-Fi or mobile data signal in order to use it. What’s more, it also depends on an active Wi-Fi or mobile data signal for Google to know where you are and what to show you. It’s a shame that this app is nothing more than a glorified search engine, since Google Now deserves a lot of praise for its voice-controlled search and other capabilities.
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However, the app benefits greatly from its bonus Google Now integration. You can quickly pull up information and reminders, as well as perform Google searches with just your voice. You can also view trending stories, search for movies and TV shows, and even listen to music all using the app.
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Dash Command 2022 [New]

– Categories:
– General, Internet
– Search, Software
– Software Categories
– Search Category
– Email Categories
– Utilities
Search for files, print to PDF. Search for emails, the internet, software, documents and all kinds of your files and folders!
Synchronize Dash Command with your email-address via IMAP or POP3.
Automatically launch programs you frequently use! Set hotkeys for different applications, browse for the specific program with your friends, put program names in a clipboard, and click on your mouse button to launch the program!
Shows icons of your applications on the icon-bar of the Dash Command window.
Quick open Web-sites by typing them in the address-bar of the Dash Command window. Choose any other folder to have Dash Command auto-launch when you double-click a file or a folder.
Advanced find setting. More file types, more words, more excludes. For example: exclude programs starting with a certain word, or file types like zip-files.
Dash Command Features:
– Categories:
– General, Internet
– Search, Software
– Software Categories
– Search Category
– Email Categories
– Utilities
– Synchronize Email
Synchronize Dash Command with your Email-address using IMAP or POP3. You can also browse the e-mail of your friends using Dash Command.
Quick open Web-sites by typing them in the address-bar of the Dash Command window. Choose any other folder to have Dash Command auto-launch when you double-click a file or a folder.
Advanced find setting. More file types, more words, more excludes. For example: exclude programs starting with a certain word, or file types like zip-files.
Drag and drop items to the Dash Command window.
You can add any of the following keystrokes to the hotkeys: /, @, #, *,

What’s New in the?

Search, launch, send, save, zip and compress with Dash Command
Easy to use, efficient, fast
Manage all your apps with one button
Search everything at once
Windows 7 support
Windows Vista support
Windows XP support
Control Panel support
Memory manager support
4 themes, with more to be added
Uninstall support
Small app size
Scan and upload to Dropbox
No registration required, no trial
Install, run and uninstall directly from Dropbox
Add to Dropbox on first run
Language support: English
Support Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Support Dropbox
Support Windows 10[Assessment of the effectiveness of the administration of a long-acting beta-adrenoceptor agonist (CLEMIDEX) in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease].
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System Requirements For Dash Command:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3470, AMD Phenom™ II X6 1075T, AMD Athlon™ II X4 860K, 2.6GHz
Memory: 4GB
Hard disk: 8GB of free space
Graphics: DirectX 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound: DirectX 9 Compatible sound card, Windows® 7 or later, Windows® 8 or later, Windows