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Cmap CM93 V2 January 2013 Cm93 Nautical Chart In Torrents


Jan 5, 2020

CMAP’s CM93 is a proprietary product by Navionics. After you download it from the link above, it is approximately 6 GB in size.
1,339,920 triangulated vector nodes, 15 raster images, 53 vector images, and 1,387. C-Map CM93 (2009), CM93 (2008), and CM93 v2 (2010) can be.
CM93 is a true world product. There is no false information; we have ZERO mistakes.
Jul 26, 2011
The sources of data for the CM93 map are also available here, and can be loaded.
Besides the CM93 digital map, C-Map manufactures a companion paper, and an older.
Sep 7, 2011
I used the iOS version of the CM93 v2 because I wanted the map to be integrated with my iPad.
Sep 7, 2011
I will be reporting my experience with the CM93 App. I use a Motorola Droid X and CMAP (Navionics) CM93.
Jul 14, 2011
On some pages, the nodes are thick and cover the whole page.
Jul 14, 2011
Check the software and memory used on your computer. It should be able to load the map.
Jun 18, 2019
In the future, I will be testing the accuracy of the CM93 and CMAP commercial products for ferries.
Jun 18, 2019
Various charts and map views, all based on C-Map CM93, that can be used for ferries (see the bottom of this article).
Jun 18, 2019
A floating CGIS, an example of a floating CGIS:
Jun 18, 2019
At the initial stage, when the iOS CM93 was released, I didn’t get the error.
Jun 18, 2019
In addition, we have a report from another user who confirms this:

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In the same manner, here is how you can obtain a printable PDF version of the C-Map CM93 V2 January 2013 Cm93 Nautical Chart In Torrents chart:. To download a PDF version, right click on the charts and select “Save as.” Or if you have the latest C-Map, see below.
Fishfinder (FM) Navigator II Chart (Version 3.0) With Transitions.

Additional information: On the home page of the NOAA website (or on the NOAA C-Map Downloads page), there is a link for the current NOAA-NOP Global Accumulated Cyclone Report. Below is a screenshot of the latest report:

[ November 13, 2019: A small correction. As requested by a commenter, this description was updated for the NOAA “second” C-Map V3.x series, which was published on 3/4/2016]
Another commenter mentioned that, during the period that NOP was updated to V3, NOAA used the “SEVIRI” color scheme. The latest C-Map V3.x charts used the “Specht” color scheme during this period.


If your current NOAA chart is C-Map CM93 V1, then you can obtain a C-Map CM93 V2 by clicking on the “Download” button on the product page:

Note that the dates on the two products are different:
“C-Map CM93 V2 January 2013” says it was published on 2013-01-01. The newer C-Map (Version 3.x) is called “CM93 V3.x” and was officially released on 2015-01-04.
“C-Map CM93 V2 January 2013” says it has a “R” suffix. I believe these are logos applied by NOAA to distinguish older, “S” marked C-Map charts from the newer “R” marked C-Map charts. I believe “C-Map” used to be “C-Map CNRS” before that distinction was made.
Finally, here’s a search results list from Google for “NOAA NOAA-Cm93 V2 Jan 2013 Cm93 nautical chart”. Hopefully, someone else can fill in the details about other options.

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