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The next oldest chant is in the native Hawaiians’ history . The most recent answer is in Portuguese .
June 1, 2017
The Native American chants are six and to nine . The earth shattering bombs and helicopter noise is from the video game Halo. The bit of guitar at the end is old man Sisario’s theme remixed with classical guitar .
Jasper- North CarolinaWorth Lake- TexasOzarks- Arkansas



I hadn’t planned to do this answer until after I did it, but I wanted to get to the bottom of this one. Very interesting puzzle in many respects.
1. Soot is not a factor.
2. There’s no vault or control tower. In fact, the top picture kind of gives the impression that the tower is on the floor. I initially thought that there’s a ladder going to the top, but it’s just a small pile of… stuff.
3. There’s a lot of duct tape.
4. The oil and water are also a bit on the small side.
So all the answers are related to the

initial singularity.


The famous first law of Thermodynamics is one with no name,

RIPPLE, from the second circle’s gold line

in which

soot refers to combustion
the first diamond is actually a cross section
the second diamond is a thermometer
the third diamond is an industrial thermometer
the fourth circle is a graph of temperature vs pressure
the fifth diamond is a thermometer covered with black
the snake is hot oil
the third arc is a thermometer
pry is obviously from the second diamond

so all that’s left is

an arc from the second diamond’s bronze line to the first circle’s gold line, which is a graph of temperature vs pressure.


The patterns appear to be:

Days of the week (Sunday, Monday, etc.), and there are 4 lines on the page, so the relevant one would be the 4th line from the top.

The 5 points (…)

5 letters (G, F, T, K, M)
9 digits (5, 5, 4, 5, 5)

The 2 pictures (…)

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Dec 14, 2019
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downloads happening on the Internet. It is a type of abuse of software, which successfully

resisting. In this respect, it is similar to a scam, trick or malware. It might trick

the uninformed, the naive, the ignorant user, who cannot make the distinction

between a legitimate software and an illegitimate.

Currently the programs are considered to be honest, although they are in a category which can be considered malicious and potentially harmful.
In this article, I have provided information about the origins, nature, structures, features, characteristics, and objects, and I have also provided a list of products that appear to be related to this type of malware, and a quick overview of what they do.

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This group of malware can be considered the most dangerous because it

preys on the most vulnerable security holes in the computer. It can use the

personal accounts, passwords, credit and debit card information, and other

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When introducing malware, that I mentioned, other terms might be used to describe the same phenomenon: Trojan (Malware); Ransomware (Malware); Spyware (Malware); Worm (Malware); Virus (Malware); Malicious Software (Malware).

A virus that is the entry point to the malware family, which it has a directory of

other malware files.


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