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Most of the computers today don't come with a floppy drive. The 1.44 Mb storage device is considered obsolete and to be frank, there aren't many situations when you would really need one. The reasonably priced CDs and DVDs or the accessible USB Sticks are a reliable alternative for external data storage and transfer.
But if you come across a situation when a floppy drive is required, such as booting your system from a floppy disk, BootDisk2BootStick should come in handy. It allows you to use the USB storage device as a floppy disk. All you have to do is find a friend with a floppy to copy the files you are interested in, form the floppy to the USB Stick.
BootDisk2BootStick first creates an image of the floppy's contents to a local destination and then offers you the possibility to transfer the image to the stick. While doing so, the application will format the USB flash to the size of a floppy disk.
The USB storage device now has all the attributes of a floppy and is perceived by the system as a floppy disk. You can tamper with the contents of the stick, replacing information, copying or deleting whatever data you find suitable and the stick will still retain its storage capacity and attributes.
If you are done using the USB stick as a floppy disk, all you have to do is format it and it will revert to its original size.
BootDisk2BootStick requires .NET Framework to run and is quite intuitive and simple to use: the interface provides you with all the functions and information you need to start using your USB stick as a floppy drive.


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Download ✔✔✔ https://urluso.com/2mng12






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Creates an image of a floppy disk and transfers it to the USB storage device.
The USB storage device is configured to emulate a floppy disk.


.NET Framework 3.5 and later.
Windows 2000, Windows XP or later.

Source Code:

Download the source code for BootDisk2BootStick from the GitHub page.

Install Instructions:

Download the installation package for Windows from the GitHub page.
Open the downloaded package and install BootDisk2BootStick and the files it requires.
Restart the computer.

If you need help with the installation process, you can refer to this instruction page.

How to use BootDisk2BootStick:

Use the following procedure to perform the following tasks:

Open BootDisk2BootStick.
Click the ‘Load’ button.
Enter the location of the floppy to be copied.
Select the floppy to be loaded.
Choose the destination for the loaded floppy and click the ‘Copy’ button.
Click the ‘Close’ button.

If the BootDisk2BootStick application successfully loads the contents of the floppy to the USB flash drive, it will appear in the file explorer with all the attributes and attributes of a floppy disk.

You can click the floppy and then press the Delete key to delete the contents of the floppy from the USB flash drive. The floppy disk will be reverted to its original state.

If you are interested in using the USB flash drive as a floppy disk for booting from, you can follow the procedure below:

Click the ‘Boot’ button.
Select the floppy disk on which you wish to boot.
Select the BIOS device on which you wish to boot from.
Click the ‘Select’ button and click the OK button to confirm the booting process.

You can find more information about BootDisk2BootStick on its GitHub page.

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BootDisk2BootStick will create an image of a floppy disk from a USB disk and make it bootable. BootDisk2BootStick can be used to help you to boot from a floppy disk on a computer that doesn’t support floppy drives. BootDisk2BootStick will transfer the image to a USB drive that acts as a floppy drive and can be used in applications where the installation media is a floppy disk.
BootDisk2BootStick requires.NET Framework to run and is quite intuitive and simple to use: the interface provides you with all the functions and information you need to start using your USB drive as a floppy drive.
– Convert a floppy disk image to a bootable USB drive image for Mac, Windows and Linux systems that support booting from a floppy disk.
– Change the USB drive’s disk partition, creating a FAT32 or an ext2 or an ext3 disk partition.
– Importing the image to a new partition on the USB drive.
– Copying the floppy disk image to the USB drive.
– Copying the floppy disk image to a ZIP archive.
– Searching and copying floppy disk images stored on the USB drive.
– Uninstalling and reinstalling an image on a USB drive.
– Deleting images from a USB drive.
– Renaming images on a USB drive.
– Formatting the drive.
– Convert an image to an ISO image.
– Decompressing a ZIP archive image.
– View the contents of the floppy disk image.
– View the contents of the compressed ZIP archive image.
– Add files and folders to the floppy disk image.
– Removing images and folders from the floppy disk image.
– Automatically create a bootable floppy disk image.
– Automatically create a bootable ZIP archive image.
– Automatically create a bootable ISO image from a floppy disk image.
– Automatically create a bootable ZIP archive image from a floppy disk image.
– Automatically create a bootable ISO image from a floppy disk image.
BootDisk2BootStick is available under the GPL License:

Copyright (c) 2012 Nicolas Vouilloz

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What’s New In?

BootDisk2BootStick is a small portable application that allows you to use a USB stick as a floppy drive. You can use it to save files to a USB drive and then restore them using the same stick as a floppy drive.
BootDisk2BootStick allows you to transfer files from one computer to another. You can use the program to put pictures and documents on your computer and then boot from it on another system.
BootDisk2BootStick can also be used to copy files from a floppy disk to a USB flash drive and from one USB flash drive to another using the application.

Recent versions of BootDisk2BootStick can read most Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 floppy drives.

To use BootDisk2BootStick you need to first make sure your BIOS has a floppy drive emulation mode enabled and you also need a floppy drive in your system.
There are two modes you can work with:
* Mode 1: Boot from a local floppy disk image.
* Mode 2: Boot from a USB stick.
The application can boot a disk with an ISO image, a compressed file or a floppy image.
To save a file to a local floppy disk, use the Load button and select a disk image, a compressed file or a floppy image (it is the latter by default) and then select the destination file.
To boot from the USB drive, select the USB drive in the dropdown list and click on the Load button.
The application allows you to change the floppy format, the magnetic density (1.2 mm vs 1.44 mm) and the drive size (3.5 inches vs 5.25 inches) using the Format/Medium/Size menu on the toolbar.
You can also add boot information to the floppy disk using the Boot menu.
If the application is not running as administrator, the user's name and password are saved in the Windows registry and you can change them using the Reset Password button.

BootDisk2BootStick is the only application that works with floppy disk images, compressed files, floppy images and.ISO images.
To install BootDisk2BootStick, download the ZIP archive and extract it in a suitable location on your system.
NOTE: BootDisk2BootStick needs.NET Framework to run.
If you are running Windows XP SP2, you need to restart your system. Otherwise, you don't need to restart your system.
You can install the BootDisk2BootStick application and run it with the following command:

[full image link=”

System Requirements:

This page needs Java (version 1.8 or above)
Java Version:
1.7 or above
Operating System:
Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X
Available Region:
All regions are supported.
(here only available for registered users)
*An offline installer is available for Windows users. You can download the installer by clicking on the following link: