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I know that such files are not appropriate to post here, but I could not find where I should post them. I will remove them as soon as I receive a response.
Update – Added more files.

I have updated my original post with additional files. I am still experiencing the same issue that they are not being uploaded. I may have to leave for the day and will update again.


Your attachment is over 500KB so it has not been allowed to be uploaded. The only reason your files have been uploaded is that the administrator had to. You will have to resubmit a message with your new attachment.


How to get this Prerequisits (Actions) Structure?

I’m having trouble understanding how the actions are displayed in my specified order.
How do i get these in the same order on the same site?
Here is my code, as requested in comments.

var action = [
“name”:”Next release”,
“icon”:”fa fa-fw fa-arrow-circle-right”,
“name”:”Next release”,
“icon”:”fa fa- https://www.sartorishotel.it/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/waspeat.pdf


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For these reasons, in the construction of modern office buildings, floorboards are used which have a covering layer of highly light-transmitting synthetic resin material. The covering layer, made of molded plastic material, can be deposited onto the planar, wooden support and applied in different ways.
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