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AutoCAD is licensed by Autodesk as a perpetual product and is available for purchase as an on-site-only, perpetual license. New users can also purchase a 30-day trial version of the software. Autodesk offers lifetime upgrades to any customer who continues to use the software after the 30-day trial period ends.

AutoCAD can be run on several platforms, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux and Apple macOS, and on mobile devices. AutoCAD can be run on all versions of Windows and macOS 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 and 10.14 operating systems. Windows 7 and later, macOS 10.7 and later and Linux 4.9 and later versions are compatible with AutoCAD 2017 and later releases. All Windows 10, macOS 10.10 and macOS 10.11 releases are supported. All Linux and macOS 10.12 and macOS 10.13 releases are supported except for the Linux-only 3D Printing app. Only the 10.14 macOS release is currently supported for the Windows Mobile and the Windows RT releases.

Because of licensing restrictions, the latest stable release of AutoCAD is only available for those working with clients, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, contractors or developers on workstation computers with an internal graphics card. The software cannot be installed or run on any mobile device, including tablets and smartphones. AutoCAD offers a consumer-level app for iOS and Android devices and is available on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store for free. AutoCAD Web App is available in the Chrome web browser.


AutoCAD was originally developed by the US defense contractor Raytheon. The program was released in December 1982 and was made available as a standalone product by 1983.

Autodesk acquired Autocad in 1993. The program name was changed from Autocad to AutoCAD in 1999, though its core capabilities have not changed since 1983. The application, which is still marketed as AutoCAD, is now developed by a software development subsidiary of Autodesk called Autodesk Labs. The current version is AutoCAD 2016.

Uses and features

AutoCAD is used to create and edit 2D and 3D drawings and models. Applications include architectural designs, mechanical and electrical schematics, construction blueprints, CAD models of paper goods, and more.

On Autodesk’s website, users are warned that AutoC

AutoCAD 23.0 [Mac/Win] 2022

Exchange API programming support
The AutoCAD Exchange API is an ActiveX server control in C++ that can be used to integrate a web-based ADX interface into AutoCAD software. It enables to generate data files (DXF), publish them on a web site, and allow the user to access the data.

To use it, one can add the Exchange server library to the project or use the library separately, even without the server, but it doesn’t yet provide authentication.

AutoCAD Exchange is designed to add web support to AutoCAD, but not to replace AutoCAD itself. While the ADX plug-in enables the AutoCAD user to access web-based documentation, web-based content creation and distribution, and web-based data exchange and collaboration.

AutoCAD Exchange APIs are available as ActiveX controls (that is, they are not COM components) and are available on all supported Windows operating systems (both 32 and 64-bit) (XP and Vista are supported). AutoCAD Exchange is free (as in cost) and is available to all AutoCAD users.

In addition, the main AutoCAD Exchange API provides features such as web-based hosting of document templates, multi-user editing and collaboration. It is also fully customizable to allow for dynamic web-based delivery of data through a process called customization (Application Customization Tool (ACT) ).

The AutoCAD Exchange API (ADX) COM servers are available for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and later.

Internet Explorer

AutoCAD can export to HTML, WebDAV, and FTP.

Internet Explorer supports the WebDAV protocol, which is part of the Microsoft ActiveSync specification and allows users to access and share CAD files across the Web.

AutoCAD can also export to PDF (through Acrobat Reader).

AutoCAD 2013 supported Windows 7 as its minimum system requirements.

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How to uninstall the product

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You can do it by:

Method 1 – From the Windows Control Panel
Choose the “Programs” from the “Start menu” (Start button)
In the left column, choose “Programs and Features”
In the left column, choose the application name
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Method 2 – From the Windows Control Panel
Choose the “Programs” from the “Start menu” (Start button)
In the left column, choose “Programs and Features”
In the left column, choose the application name
Select the option “Uninstall”

– Autodesk Network License (NUL)

You can make one license permanent by doing one of the following:

Method 1 – From the Windows Control Panel
Choose the “Programs” from the “Start menu” (Start button)
In the left column, choose “Programs and Features”
In the left column, choose the application name
Select the option “Uninstall”

Method 2 – From the Windows Control Panel
Choose the “Programs” from the “Start menu” (Start button)
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In the left column, choose

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Working on a flat wall, an anchored wall or a watertight wall? Enter the relevant workplane and make it invisible or turn it into a hidden drafting feature.

Convert and extract complex linked structures (for example, structures made from coordinated splines) into their individual objects.

Let PowerPoint and Visio know about your designs. Now you can use the data from your 2D and 3D drawings directly in your Powerpoint presentation or Visio diagram.

Operate on multiple data types. The same commands can be applied to multiple types of entities, even if the types are different.

View and edit multi-part entities. Work with multiple parts of multi-part entities and even track changes to the parts in multi-layer drawings.

Arrows for Moving Things:

Add arrowheads to splines. Create a guideline arrowhead and arrowheads for objects.

Use the Arrow and Direct Selection command to add, delete and edit arrowheads and arrowheads for objects.

Add an arrow to a line or path as you draw it. Use the Customize Arrow menu to add or delete arrowheads or change the arrow’s line color, thickness or arrowhead type.

Quickly add and delete arrowheads and arrowheads for objects. The right click in the selection to bring up the Arrow and Direct Selection tool.

Use the Quick Arrow and Quick Arrowheads commands to add an arrow and arrowheads to your designs.

Use the Quick Arrow command to create a guideline arrow in the selected object, even when the active object is outside the current workplane.

Quickly move objects with the Arrow and Direct Selection tool.

Transform and Align:

Easily use reference points to align a drawing to a 3D model.

Align to a 3D model: The Show Alignment Visualization tool shows you the alignment of the model with the current 2D drawing.

Quickly use a 3D model as a reference: The Show 3D Alignment Visualization tool lets you align a drawing to a 3D model quickly.

Resize a drawing: When you select a reference point, the cursor changes to a grab icon. Click and drag to resize the drawing.

Quickly resize a drawing: The Quick Resize tool lets you resize a drawing with a single mouse click.

Align a 3

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

SAMSUNG NX1000 (5.6 inch)
CPU: Dual core 1GHz or faster
GPU: Dual core 1GHz or faster
RAM: 512MB or higher
Disk space: 250MB or higher
OS: Windows 7 or higher
How to Install:
1. Make sure that the device is disconnected from power supply, restart it and let it charge for about 10 minutes.
2. If device is still not charging plug it again and then let it charge for about