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AutoCAD Full Product Key


1 Introduction 1

2 How does AutoCAD work? 2

3 Getting started with AutoCAD 3

3.1 AutoCAD software 3

3.1.1 Start a New Project 4

3.1.2 Edit and Print a Project 4

3.1.3 Other AutoCAD software 4

3.2 Obtain and install AutoCAD 5

3.3 Learn AutoCAD online 5

4 The AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts 5

5 Common commands 5

6 Draw and edit components 5

6.1 Lines and shapes 5

6.1.1 Drawing objects 5

6.1.2 Drawing objects with components 5

6.2 Spline curves 5

6.3 Dashes, hatch patterns, and polylines 5

6.4 Rectangles and irregular polygons 5

6.5 Shapes and text 5

6.6 Shapes and text (continued) 5

6.7 Text 5

7 Advanced drawing techniques 6

7.1 Editing 5

7.1.1 Edit a drawing 5

7.1.2 Change an object’s properties 5

7.1.3 Use the Properties palette 5

7.2 The Dynamic Input Bar 5

7.3 Cross-sections and profiles 6

7.4 3D Modeling 6

7.4.1 Use cross-sections and profiles 6

7.4.2 3D drawing features 6

7.4.3 Modeling tools 6

7.5 Engineering features 6

7.5.1 A360 command 7

7.5.2 The Architectural Design Add-On 7

7.5.3 Steel, Concrete, and Masonry Engineering Add-On 7

7.5.4 Civil Add-On 7

7.5.5 Electrical Engineering Add-On 7

7.5.6 Fire and Safety Engineering Add-On 7

7.5.7 Fluids Engineering Add-On 7

7.5.8 Transportation Engineering Add-On 7

7.6 Documenting drawings 6

7.6.1 Drafting standards 6

7.6.2 Templates 7

7.7 Simulation and engineering analysis 7

8 Customizing AutoCAD 8

AutoCAD With License Code

G-Code is a common format to programmatically control the numerical control (NC) machine for use with drafting machines. It can be used as a non-proprietary alternative to using AutoCAD’s internal G-code capability.

MetaProc is a programming language used to create AutoCAD macros and Visual LISP scripts, as well as to work with the MetaBuilding application. It is a subset of AutoLISP.

Sample applications
AutoCAD App-Builder – Create an application for Windows which can run AutoCAD directly from within the user’s application, or by launching the AutoCAD window and installing the application on the AutoCAD desktop. An installable version of AutoCAD has been available on the Autodesk Application Store since AutoCAD 2009.
AutoCAD App-Builder 2 – Create an application which can run AutoCAD directly from within the user’s application, or by launching the AutoCAD window and installing the application on the AutoCAD desktop. An installable version of AutoCAD has been available on the Autodesk Application Store since AutoCAD 2013.
AutoCAD Exchange AutoPilot – Creates application by making use of AutoCAD Exchange’s bulk functionality. It is available as an installable AutoCAD plug-in or from the Autodesk Exchange Apps store.
AutocadLandscape – As the name suggests it provides a user interface (UI) that is designed to be used with GPS devices.
AutoCAD REST API – The REST API is the first product API that enables other applications to access the functionality of the AutoCAD software. The application programming interface (API) allows other applications to access AutoCAD drawing data from anywhere, with any programming language.
ObjectARX – An object-oriented scripting and customizing technology for AutoCAD. It was launched in August 2011 and is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
AutoCAD Architect – An architect-driven project-creation tool that enables architects and other design professionals to create project information and deliverables in a streamlined workflow. It is the first architect-driven tool in the industry to be launched in 2010. Architect works in the cloud and connects directly to AutoCAD and 3ds Max. Architect received a Silver Distinguished Award from the UBM 2018 Global Architecture Awards.
AutoCAD Electrical – A P&ID program that enables electrical professionals to view, navigate, and edit the entire project

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What’s New In?

An AutoLISP and AutoCAD add-in for importing SVG and PDF files into drawings that was previously available as a VBA add-in.

Markup Assist for AutoCAD, an add-in to assist in CAD marking and note-taking. (video: 1:12 min.)

Markup Assist is now available as a standalone add-in for AutoCAD and Inventor.

You can now create new, commented drawing elements in the model space.

You can now create new, linked drawing elements from scratch.

You can now use the Model space tabs to view your drawing as a 3D model.

In the model space, the drawing, blocks, and notes are now collapsible and you can collapse or expand blocks and notes by simply clicking in them.

Support for converting designs to IFC and IGES format.

Dynamic Dimensioning:

Dynamic dimensions can be adjusted and resized while the drawing is being edited.

Horizontal and Vertical Dynamic Dimensions:

Dimensions can be moved, resized, and the alignment changed.

Dimension anchor can be defined for each dimension to automatically establish the dimension’s point of origin.

Dimension anchor can be dragged to change the dimension’s point of origin.

You can now create and edit blocks in the model space using dynamic dimensions.

New Dynamic Dimensioning tool: Dynamic Dimensioning tool can be used to create, delete, move, or resize dimensions. (video: 2:30 min.)

Dynamic Dimensioning Tool

Snap to Grid:

Use new Snap to Grid feature to snap to the active drawing’s grid.

Snap to Grid:

It is now easier to snap to the active drawing’s grid. (video: 0:24 min.)

Constant Symbol:

Constant symbol provides a consistent symbol that can be assigned to selected points or drawn curves and dimensions.

Use Inventor 2012 Export tool to export model files for more comprehensive and effective error reporting.

New! Support for AutoCAD and Inventor

CADDISP is now available for AutoCAD and Inventor (as well as the subscription service).

CADDISP is a provider of flexible content creation tools that enables AutoCAD and Inventor designers and modelers to create drawings, blocks, and notes efficiently and flexibly.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Intel x86 Processor Family
Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, or 8.1 (32 or 64-bit)
Microsoft Windows® Vista (32 or 64-bit)
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