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For those of you who have an artistic side and are into graphics, you probably know that the hardest thing to draw are regular shapes because they are the easiest to mess up.
Most video guides will showcase making gridlines that can help you get proportions right, and that is exactly the principle that Atrise Golden Section follows, allowing you to make great 2D designs within an editable, transparent gridline.
A simple yet effective drawing principle
Atrise Golden Section will assist you in creating elegant items while staying away from calculators and numbers. Simply launch the program, adjust the dimensions for your design and create!
The Golden section is a well-known concept (for graphics artists at least) and it follows the idea that certain proportions are very appealing to the human eye.
Those proportions can be seen in the gridlines used by the programs, as they are not the simple squares you might imagine.
Use the Golden Section for your logos and designs
Form and size correlation is the main program mode. In this working mode, the program displays the grid with the constantly reducing and harmoniously correlated sizes.
Golden section is used by default, however, you can pick any other correlations, such as rectangle look mode, grid look mode or spirals and circles look mode.
Designing has never been that simple since there is a lot of precision is also available to you, since the program offers easy methods of achieving sizes with accuracy to the nearest pixel.
Draw freely while keeping with certain fundamental graphical proportions
Those with imagination can certainly find a way to create drawings that follow certain fundamental proportions while still giving it a "free-hand" feel to it, and that's exactly what Atrise Golden Section manages to successfully achieve.
Considering how lightweight it is on the system's resources, this program is ideal for graphicians that don't exactly own the latest hardware in terms of power.







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Image Editor and Resizer
Golden section is a wonderful tool that will help you make your designs visually interesting.
The procedure is very simple:
Firstly, you need to activate the Grid mode by choosing one of the three available themes:

“Classic grid” or “Spirals” or “Circles”.

And then, you need to define the size of the grid lines. The possibilities are numerous, but at the end of the day, most of us are accustomed to only the following options:

Select a shape for the grid lines. (Rectangle, Round, Ellipse, Oval, Diamond)

Height or width of the grid lines (e.g. 8 pixels).

Percentage of the line’s length (e.g. 50%)

The most simple way of creating a grid is:

Choose any shape for your grid. (Rectangle, Round, Ellipse, Oval, Diamond)

Pick the height or width of the grid lines (e.g. 8 pixels).

Set the percentage of the line’s length (e.g. 50%).

Repeat the process as many times as you want.

For the purposes of this tool, it is recommended that you create at least eight grid lines for each shape and height or width you choose for your grid.

P.S. By the way, the program will not only adjust the shape of the lines, but also will adjust the point where they intersect each other.

The second way of making a grid is more useful if you want to create a grid using the proportional square or hexagonal ratio.

And the third way is more complex, as the program will create grids using the golden section ratio. You can choose between the following solutions:

The first solution is to start with a grid that follows the golden section. If the grid’s width is the same as the height, then you will have the basic 1/2 golden ratio.

The second solution is to start with a grid that follows the golden section. If the grid’s width is greater than the height, then the length of the line will be 1/2 of the length of the width, then you will have the basic 2/3 golden ratio.

The third solution is to start with a grid that follows the golden section. If the grid’s height is greater than the width, then the length of the line will be 1/3 of the

Atrise Golden Section 5.7.0 With Key

The new program is a geometric drawing software designed to be used both for beginners and advanced artists alike.
Utilizing the Principle of the Golden Section, this unique software is going to provide you with all the essential tools for creating beautiful designs with no hassle or stress.
Even if you don’t have any drawing skills to speak of, this program will help you in doing everything from drawing basic shapes to creating complex designs that are full of life and color.
It is best to have a computer with a Pentium processor or higher than this, as well as having at least 32MB of RAM.

Help and info:
The program displays a grid of regularly decreasing sizes, a visualization of the golden section.
ATrise Golden Section does not calculate the sizes for you but provides the necessary tools for you to manually create the sizes you need.
Golden section is shown as a default, however you can set the other correlations to obtain other amazing visualizations.
Among the many types of look modes, a rectangle mode is also available for quicker drawing, while a custom zoom can be set for a more accurate drawing.
It includes a great variety of shapes to create with ease.
Drawing with basic shapes and completing the picture
The program comes with over 30 shapes that you can draw on the screen with just the use of your mouse, including a line, circle, square, polygon and text shape.
With this program, it’s easier than ever to draw a variety of shapes, whether they are made from lines or angles.
These shapes can be attached to each other to create a more complete picture.
Thanks to the automatic attachments, you can create some of the most complex and impressive drawings with relative ease.
Additional functions and features
To make your drawings more interesting, the program offers a broad range of additional functions.
Auto focus and zoom tools allow for an easier drawing, with no risk of the image becoming distorted.
You can choose to view your drawing in black and white or you can select between a variety of color variations.
Another interesting feature is the grid zoom tool, which can be used to create some really stunning effects.
It works like a magnifying glass and allows you to observe the drawing from a greater distance.
ATrise Golden Section also includes different effects that you can apply to your picture.
With the first effect, for instance, you can achieve a more natural or hand drawn look.
The second effect, on the other hand, produces some pretty impressive

Atrise Golden Section 5.7.0

Atrise Golden Section is a program that implements a user-friendly set of graphics software tools. Its purpose is to help you in graphic design and illustration. You can use the program as a simple graphical calculator, calculator for image proportions and area measurement, or as a guide to learn the Golden section.
The program is highly customizable, and offers eight different color schemes, plus the option of creating your own. The look of the program can be adjusted to your liking, so you are sure to find a color scheme that works for you.
The program comes with a library of more than 2,200 icons, textures, patterns, fonts and more, and you can combine them to create your own designs.
The program has a set of drawing tools that allow you to create your own art, which also includes gradients, line art and shapes. It is possible to edit the lines of any picture, and you can also draw any type of shape.
You can save your designs as separate images or HTML files for sharing on the web.
Atrise Golden Section is a perfect program for graphic designers and artists who don’t have the resources necessary to run the more powerful programs.
Atrise Golden Section Key Features:
8 different color schemes and the ability to create your own, for all your needs.
A customizable grid tool that gives you the chance to view the design in any size from 3×3 up to 1000×1000.
A tool to draw a perfect shape or shape proportional to the Golden section.
Useful drawing tools that allow you to create your own graphic design.
A customizable live preview, which displays your design before saving.
As well as a simple “from scratch” mode that will allow you to create all the drawings you want.
A library of more than 2,200 images, patterns, textures and more.
The ability to save designs to separate images, so you can share them online.
Atrise Golden Section license key:
Atrise Golden Section 14-Day Free Trial – Free Download – You can download a free 30-day trial version of Atrise Golden Section, and then register it on Atrise.com to unlock the full version.

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What’s New In?

Draw freely while keeping with certain fundamental graphical proportions
Basic drawing tools
Easy gridlines and design modes
Free flowing shapes and various look options
Quick and simple form and size correlation
Transparent gridlines on background
Easy to use
Atrise Golden Section Free Download

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System Requirements For Atrise Golden Section:

The minimum system requirements for Battlefield Hardline are:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 540 @ 3.00GHz or AMD equivalent.
1.75 GB
Operating System:
Windows 7/Vista/XP (32bit)
Sound card:
Onboard Sound card (Realtek or equivalent).
Graphics card:
1024MB VRAM, DirectX 9.0c compatible.
A recommended DirectX 11.0c compatible graphics card is required