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TryToGet version of AspNet Identity

We’ve currently got AspNet Identity version 2.0.0 and the.NET Framework is version 4.5.1. The project is targeting.NET Framework 4.5.1. The project needs to be run on at least.NET Framework 4.5.1. I’m trying to install the TryToGet version of AspNet Identity (version 2.0.1). But it is failing to install with the following error.

Installation Error: The read operation failed. The server may not be configured for this operation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800705AF)

I’ve tried changing the framework version to 4.5.2, and that didn’t help.
So how can I resolve this?


In my opinion, you have missed (version 3) of the AspNet identity. You have just run the 2.0.0. If you want to change the current version 2.0.0, you can try the version 3.0.0, just download it from AspNet Identity Server.
AspNet Identity 2.0.0 is not working with.Net 4.5.1 because it is.Net Framework 4.5.2.
I didn’t create a problem with the version 2.0.1. (Not in.Net Framework 4.5.1).
You can also create a project with 3.0.0 and.Net Framework 4.5.1
You have to go on

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