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ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Free Download

ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET is an easy to use, full featured SMTP and POP3 server for Windows. It includes advanced features for advanced users and a back-end database engine for storing user and group information and statistics.
It’s easy to set up and maintain, provides advanced features that are commonly used in mail servers, and stores mailboxes and messages online in a secure, database-backed environment. All email messages can be sent from third party servers using direct delivery methods, so you can make sure that your mail servers don’t fall into the hands of spammers or forgery sites.
The ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET supports all IMAP & POP3 protocols to make sure the information stays private. You can select an email account from an external POP or IMAP server to store your messages online. Each account can store up to 50,000 messages or unlimited accounts can be set up.
ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET Data storage
Its database-based architecture makes sure the data stays secure and can be easily backed up. You can choose between two different types of storage: it can either be local or remote. Its database engine, on the other hand, can be accessed from a web browser.
You can either install ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET on your system or have it installed by a web host. Before installing, be sure to check whether you have enough disk space, bandwidth, memory and free hard disk space if you are going to host a remote database.
ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET Development
It provides a simple to use wizard-based interface which makes setting up the server a piece of cake. You can create users, accounts and groups within minutes, and you can even assign permissions, send notifications, and use policies, and send log messages right from the dashboard. It also includes features for monitoring the status of your services, or even start the status polling process for the services right away.
Its unique relay service makes sure the information you want to send out is quickly delivered to the respective recipients. If the email address is not valid, it will be automatically redirected to the bounce email server, and if it cannot be delivered, it will be sent back to the sender.
Additionally, you can remotely control the server using the given API, which you can use to enhance the service with third party modules, and you can subscribe to third party spam fighting modules for free.
ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET Security
ArGoSoft Mail Server.

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This is ArGoSoft’s mail server project that extends the capabilities of the popular.NET framework.
Supported Protocols:
SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Sieve, File Transfers, Delivery Status
Relay is available for an additional charge.
Simple installation wizard to configure the mail server in a few steps
When running ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET you must go through the steps of a configuration wizard to configure the server. First, you are prompted to enter the name of the.NET domain and create a user account for the administrator.
The following step is dedicated to configuring the server’s settings for situations when email is sent to outside users. For instance, you can provide a list of DNS servers that the application can access, or set the identification domain for your email server.
A dashboard to monitor services and generate statistics
The ArGoSoft Mail Server Controller provides a simple means of monitoring the status of all the services and gathering statistical data about the server. It keeps an eye on all the running services: the primary and the secondary SMTP, the POP3, the IMAP, and the delivery service. The server’s activity is logged as well. The Controller also acts as a user management dashboard, enabling you to manage domain groups, associated users, and mailboxes.
The messages that are being sent through the server are intelligently archived. Furthermore, the server comes with support for shared folders, delivery status alerts, mailbag domains, and more.
The Controller can perform the much-needed periodical maintenance operations on the server. It facilitates the deletion of old messages, statistics, and users,  and can estimate the usage of the server’s mailbox.
Robust server security features
As for security, which is an important topic when it comes to a mail server, ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET makes use of SpamAssassin’s power to block spam and features SMTP authentication, attachment filtering, policy frameworks, white and black lists. Moreover, its engine blocks connections that seem suspicious and verifies the sender’s address for each email.
A worth-trying mail server
ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET is a good option when it comes to setting up your own mail server, considering its easy to use management dashboard, and its additional functions. It features a solid security policy and a rich feature set which, in turn, can be enriched even further using third party server plugins.

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ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET is an easy-to-use mail server to manage. In this article, you will learn how to install ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET, manage it, and install third-party plugins to expand its features.
I. Install ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET
Before getting into the subject of this tutorial, let’s prepare your system so that you can install ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET. So first download and install ArGoSoft.NET.

ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET

II. ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET Features
ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET is a free mail server to manage with ease. But there are more which you will read about in this tutorial.

1. Handling Multiple Email Accounts
One of the most common requirements of a mail server is to register multiple accounts with one server. That is why ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET comes with the ability to register multiple user accounts with a single.NET domain and provide support for Google Apps accounts.

2. Controlling Multiple Mailboxes
One of the common requirements of a mail server is to provide a mailbox for a domain. ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET provides a folder hierarchy to store email and manage it.

3. Relaying Email
You can use the free and powerful system to relay email through the Open Relay Environment (ORE) and gateways.

4. Spam filtering
ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET comes with a built-in spam filter that can be easily configured.

5. Advanced Features
ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET comes with a number of advanced features as well. They include but are not limited to filtering spam, device protection, database backup, SSL certificates, and more.

III. How to Install ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET
In this part of the tutorial, I will show you how to install ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET.

ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET

ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET can be downloaded from the ArGoSoft website and can be downloaded through its official website.


I use IIS to install the ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET.

After installing, you can open the website and login to its administration console.

You can configure the email server by visiting its administration console. To do this, click on the New button.

Enter a name for the mail server. You

What’s New in the ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET?

ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET is a powerful commercial application for Microsoft.NET platform. It supports the popular SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols. It can be easily installed on any Windows PC. You can also use it as a standalone server for your network.
ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET Features:
• Emails are stored on the local computer and available via POP3, IMAP, and SMTP.
• You can use virtual mailboxes and the server’s features allow you to manage all your mailboxes from a single place.
• It provides a calendar to organize your emails and manage subscriptions.
• You can choose different authentication methods.
• SpamAssassin comes with the mail server and will filter all your emails with a high spam rate
How to install ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET
Important: Please read the release notes before downloading the application and make sure you have a stable Internet connection.
1. Download and run ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET installer
2. When the installation completes, close the application.
3. Run the ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET exe file by double-clicking on it.
4. Follow the wizard’s instructions.
5. Open the configuration wizard when you’re prompted to.
6. In the authentication option that was asked to, select SMTP.
Important: Before you can log in to the dashboard, you must enter the server’s username and the application can be downloaded and used for free.
Please make sure that you have a stable Internet connection before downloading ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET.
After ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET was installed successfully, you can click the icon of the mail server in the system tray and open a configuration wizard to open the local mailboxes.

ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET gives users of Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android an easy-to-use interface to manage their email server. Featuring the ability to manage, backup, send, or receive mail from a server, it also offers complete organization and management. It is a small application that works with Windows.
The email server that ArGoSoft Mail Server.NET implemented comes with support for some of the well-known protocols, including SMTP, POP3, or IMAP. Its relay service runs around the clock to make direct mail delivery possible.
Windows users can easily manage the server using this well-designed interface. They can browse local folders, search for emails by keywords

System Requirements For ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i3, Pentium, AMD A-series, AMD Athlon, AMD Duron, AMD Sempron
Intel Core i3, Pentium, AMD A-series, AMD Athlon, AMD Duron, AMD Sempron Memory: 1 GB RAM
1 GB RAM Hard Disk: 15 GB available space
15 GB available space Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 260 or ATI HD 4670 minimum