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Archisuite Archicad 16 Crack

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The Hansa-Brandenburg W.123 was a heavy aerial observation and liaison aircraft built by Hansa-Brandenburg-Flugzeugwerke, the Brandenburg subsidiary of the Deutsche Luft Hansa (German Air Force) in the late 1940s.

Design and development

In the late 1940s the Luftwaffe and its German Air Force operated a large variety of medium and heavy observation aircraft for searching enemy targets, pathfinding, troop transport, and aerial photography. In particular the German Air Force greatly increased the mass production of the twin-engine Fieseler Fi 156 Storch in the late 1940s to meet its needs.

Design of a new long-range high altitude two-seat aircraft was awarded to Hansa-Brandenburg on September 20, 1947 with a target price of 5 million marks, and the first prototype flew on March 24, 1950. This became the W.123. Initially designated the W.123/1, it was a low-wing cantilever monoplane with two engines in a nacelle, a tricycle undercarriage with oleo-pneumatic dampers and was fitted with a rearward facing camera. It was a low-wing cantilever monoplane. Long range operations were enabled with the installation of wing tanks.

Operational service
The W.123 flew its first military test flight on 20 March 1951, flown by flying ace Erich Hartmann and served as the basis for the proposed W.131 contract, but this project was

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