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Aone Ultra AVI Converter 5.2.0108-serial Incl Setup Free ‘LINK’ ➠



Aone Ultra AVI Converter 5.2.0108-serial Incl Setup Free

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Adding three-state ripple effect

I need to add the ripple effect to this textfield, that the text changes the color of the letters.
I already managed to add one-state effect to the textfield using:
this.getRootElement().style.background = ‘#ccc’;
this.getRootElement().style.border = ‘#000’;

this.getRootElement().style.color = ‘#fff’;

But I need it with three states, active, unchecked, and checked.
So I found that we could add the effect on the mask, because, we have to draw it first in order to create the mask and then change the text.
this.getRootElement().style.background = ‘#ccc’;
this.getRootElement().style.border = ‘#000’;
this.getRootElement().style.color = ‘#000’;

var canvas = this.getRootElement().contentWindow.document.createElement(‘canvas’);
canvas.setAttribute(‘width’, this.getRootElement().getBoundingClientRect().width);
canvas.setAttribute(‘height’, this.getRootElement().getBoundingClientRect().height);
canvas.setAttribute(‘style’, ‘cursor:no-drop!important’);

var ctx = canvas.getContext(“2d”);
ctx.fillStyle = ‘#000’;
ctx.globalAlpha = 1.0;
ctx.fillRect(0, 0, this.getRootElement().getBoundingClientRect().width, this.getRootElement().getBoundingClientRect().height);
this.getRootElement().setAttribute(‘data-mask’, canvas.toDataURL(“image/png”));
this.getRootElement().setAttribute(‘data-background-id’, this.getRootElement().dataset.background);

this.getRootElement().style.background = ‘#fff’;

this.getRootElement().style.color = ‘#000’;

I need to change the background to ‘#fff’, color of the letters to ‘#000’ and